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Saturday, May 7, 2011

More about Colossal Squid

       Since I released an article about colossal squid before, it was very popular. I feel if I wanna get more information about The Colossal Squid in many websites. So, here they are..

The crew of the New Zealand vessel San Aspiring worked to bring aboard the colossal squid they found in the Ross Sea. The squid was barely alive when it reached the surface and observers and crew thought it would be very unlikely to survive if released.

CREDIT: Ministry of Fisheries, New Zealand.

Measuring longer than a school bus and sporting tentacles covered in razor-sharp hooks, the colossal squid is the stuff of nightmares. However, new research suggests the enormous sea creature may not be the fierce hunter of legend.
This finding not only upends science's understanding of the squid itself, but forces a reevaluation of its role in the entire ecosystem where it lives some 3,000 to 6,000 feet (914 to 1,830 meters) beneath the Antarctic sea.
This new view of the colossal squid comes from data analysis made by marine biologists Rui Rosa, of the University of Lisboa, Portugal, and Brad Seibel, of the University of Rhode Island. Rosa and Seibel looked at the relationship between metabolism (how the body's cells turn food into energy) and body size for smaller squids in the same family and used the information to predict the metabolism of the colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni). 

(The so-called giant squid belongs to the genus Architeuthis, a different group of animals from the colossal squid.)
They found, the squid would've had a slower metabolism and so moved slower than expected, waiting for prey, rather than running it down. "Everyone thought it was an aggressive predator, but the data suggests otherwise," Rosa told LiveScience. "It's a squid that weights half a ton with hooks in its tentacles, but our findings show it’s more like just a big blob."
Contrary to the image of Kraken-like shellfish attacking ships and dragging sailors to their deaths, this new data paints a picture of a mostly sedentary creature, Rosa said. Rather than swimming after prey, the colossal squid would wait to ambush passing fish.
And if the colossal squid consumed and expended less energy than previous thought, as this data indicates, then biologists will also need to reevaluate the squid's role as whale food, Rosa said.
"Because the squid is more cold-blooded than we thought, they are not really that nutritious," Rosa said. "The whale is not getting much by eating it. They'd have to consume a lot of squid to maintain their lifestyle."
Rosa also noted that since so little is known about the colossal squid, almost any new discoveries are likely to overturn existing theories. The fact that the squid lives in such deep and frigid waters makes it almost impossible for scientists to acquire new specimens.
"We didn't really have live measurements, because it's almost impossible to go to the ocean and catch one," Rosa said. "We know more about the moon than the deep sea. It's a cliché, but it's true, especially in the Antarctic."
The study was detailed online on April 20 in the Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 

How big is the
colossal squid?

Original estimates of the length were between eight and 10 metres. The team quickly realised that the specimen was much shorter than this. They came up with a final total lengthof 4.2 metres. It seems that the two tentacles may have shortened and shrunk considerably after the squid had died.
Measuring the colossal squid the colossal squid specimen had completely thawed and been unfolded in the tank, the scientists were able to take measurements. Everyone seemed to want to know how big the colossal squid was.
The mantle length of the tank colossal squid was measured at 2.5 metres. This is similar to the mantle length of the 2003 specimen. However, the tank colossal weighs 495 kilogrammes, while the 2003 specimen weighed only 300 kilogrammes, but had a total length of 5.4 metres.
This suggests that colossal squid are incredibly plastic animals. In order to understand the full range of variation within the species, the scientists will need to examine many more specimens.
In addition to this natural variation, the dimensions of colossal squid obviously change considerably, depending on how the specimens are treated after they have died.

Experiments carried out by Te Papa staff using the commercial arrow squid (Nototodarus sloani (Gray)) showed that fresh specimens can shrink by up to 22 per cent when dehydrated using alcohol solutions. It is thought that the large colossal squid specimen dehydrated during the 14 months it spent in the freezer, causing it to shrink.
Beak size
The size of the beak of a squid is used as an indicator of the overall size of the animal. The measurement used is the lower rostral beak length, or LRL.
The LRL of the 495 kilogramme specimen was 42.5 millimetres. Beaks up to 49 millimetres have been found in sperm whale stomachs. Colossal squid must therefore reach much bigger sizes than the tank specimen! As the beak is made of hard, material (chitin - a polysaccharide), it is not subject to shrinkage like the other tissues.

Amazing! Isn't it?

10 Cool Computer's Mouses In The World

       Have you ever seen unique mouse??? Just check it.. 
1. Car Mouse
mouse mobil 
Attention car lovers mate, now my friend can "surf" the web with officially licensed replica of your favorite car with Road Mice Wireless ($ 44.95). This mouse has a resolution of 800 dpi to improve the accuracy and precision, the function of lights (with on / off switch to conserve battery life), and even individual VIN serial number, so my friend can get a personalized registration and title, like a real car.

2. Sexy Body Mouse

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How can work with computers that have become a sensual experience? Well, with Pat-Says-Now Body Optical Mouse ($ 29.90) pal will touch and move around curvaceous body wearing fancy clothes all day.

3. World Warcraft Mouse

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What is World of Warcraft without a mouse WOC? this inspired game peripheral maker SteelSeries to create SteelSeries World of Warcraft Mouse ($ 99.99) for the 11 million loyal users.

4. Mouse Anti-Bacteria

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The IOGEAR's Germ Free Wireless Laser Mouse ($ 11.99) coated with a Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and Silver (Ag) nano-particle compound, which uses two mechanisms to deactivate enzymes and proteins to prevent the spectrum that could expand the bacteria, viruses, fungi , and algae from surviving on the surface of the mouse. It has been tested and proven effective against the settlement of harmful microbes on the insulated surface, an excellent tool for medical offices, libraries, schools and public computers in general.

5. Mouse that can be washed
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If the mouse anti-bacteria do not make you feel clean enough, try the Belkin Washable Mouse ($ 17.69). With water-resistant design, so the mouse can be washed and can survive the spill water and pal to wash hands thoroughly under a faucet with running water. Dirt, food, liquids, germs, bacteria - all can be washed with soap and water.mouse in the wash

6. Finger Mouse
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7. Keypad Mouse
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8. Mouse Liver
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9. Hamburger Mouse
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10. Bamboo Mouse 
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Get a mouse with the environmentally friendly Bamboo. 3BTN Eco-Friendly Mouse ($ 16.73). Elegant for executives, practical for every person. For right or left hand use, with optical sensing technology.

6 Benefits of Sleep without any Clothes

       If asked, what is the most comfortable clothing worn for sleeping, on average, your answer must be: negligee or blend tank tops and shorts. The material is thin and minimal relieve chills and makes you free to move.
However, if you need a bit of a challenge, what if you disconnect the only clothes you sleep and sleep naked? In the book The Best Sex of Your Life by Jennifer Hunt and Dan Baritchi, described how sleep naked provide many benefits. The touch of soft bedding material on the skin, or touch your skin and your partner, will encourage increased your sexual life. Check out a variety of other benefits as follows:

1. Removing oxytocinThe hormone oxytocin is released when skin contact with skin. When touching the skin from head to toe all night, you will get a flow of useful hormones. Some of the benefits of oxytocin, among other things, increase the sense of prosperity, lower heart rate, reduces stress hormones, boost the confidence, and of course, sexual urges.

2. Create a "mood" for sexMany women refuse to have sex because it was not in the mood. The reason could be because of fatigue, fear of waking the child at any time, or whatever bothers you. In fact, refusing to relate only to make women feel lonely and neglected. Therefore, you should change your mood to make love. Way, snuggled under a blanket with a bodysuit that you already have it since birth. Pain rippled the skin will provide sexual stimulation that you need.

3. Visible eroticAny man could not bear to see his wife at his side curled up naked. It became a kind of invitation for her to have sex.
4. Creating desireOne of the main reasons women do not want to have sex is the imbalance in the relationship with a partner. When you feel separated from your partner, you may also lose the desire for him. Well, sleeping naked can help overcome these obstacles.

5. Cause bondWhen skin contact with each other in bed, you can increase the sense of bonding between you and your partner. Remember when first dating or newly married first, wanted always in touch, right? The more you touch, you increasingly feel close to the couple. Increased bond is tantamount to becoming more frequent sex.

6. More healthyMore frequent sex provides many health benefits and marriage were more likely to survive long. You do not need sex every day (unless you both really want it), quite a few times a week. Having spent a half to one hour a day to make love can be a fun sport for you. You'll feel more satisfied with your life, fitter, and healthier!

8 Categories of Human Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence

The ability to use words effectively, orally and in writing. Also includes the ability to manipulate the grammar or language structure, language sounds so sensitive to the meaning of the word sentence, composition, fonts, and able to organize well and beautiful.

Logical-mathematical intelligence

The ability to use numbers properly, perform reasoning correctly, the sensitivity of the patterns and relationships between things, logical functions and other abstractions. The process used in this intelligence include categorization (grouping something), classification (separation), making conclusions, generalizations, computation, and testing hipotesisi. Suitable for you that physics calculations rather complicated and pleased with the numbers game.

Spatial intelligence

The ability of the perception of spatial-visual world accurately, transform it. This intelligence includes sensitivity to color, line, form, space, and relations between elements, the ability to imagine something, present ideas in a visual way, orient themselves properly in a spatial matrix. You like to deceive ourselves when the streets, but you always find a way. This is your intelligence.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

The ability to use the whole body to express ideas or feelings, skills using hands to create or change something, flexibility, strength, will touch issues related to touch. If you like to make knick-knacks, or love to memorize physics formulas with a gym, here ye!

Musical intelligence

The ability to handle musical forms with how to differentiate, alter, sensitivity to the tone, rhythm, melody. Could quickly memorize the songs and use music to memorize the lesson, here you are!

Intrepersonal Intelligence

Ability perceive and distinguish mood, intent, motivation, and feelings of others. Sensitivity to facial expressions, they, the sound, the ability to effectively respond to these signs and affect groups of people to perform certain actions. So, this could be a good vent.

Intrapersonal intelligence

The ability to understand ourselves and act on that understanding. Sensitivity to understand oneself, awareness of mood, desire, ability, self-disciplined, understanding, respect yourself. As an artist so ..

Naturalist intelligence
Expertise to recognize and to categorize the species in the environment sensitivity to natural phenomena, the ability to distinguish between inanimate objects.


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